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Who are we? What is Veritas Movie Studio? Veritas Movie Studio(VMS) is a Media Production Company. Our primary work is the production of internet and intranet videos to increase sales, market share, corporate messaging, increase brand awareness and in generally guiding our customers to achieve their goals. We have a proven history of successful production. In fact, Veritas Movie Studio has nearly 1000 hosted videos all over the internet! Each of these videos is further multiplied by 5 to 10 external links from web forums, manufacturers, enthusiasts, search engines, and countless web sites all over the World. Indeed, it’s a New World!

We are not Paramount Studios or Warner Brothers. We do not aspire to be everything to all people. Our area of expertise is the Global Internet, Corporate Intranet, and creative wedding reception family histories. Our customers do not usually have $100,000 plus budgets. Our typical customer is just beginning to form their concepts of what is needed to help their sales or establish a brand. Other clients generally have a loose idea of what they need, but currently do not have a large budget. Our Company’s attitude is that small clients often grow into bigger clients with ongoing business needs.

New clients often need considerable guidance in the New Media World. We can provide that help and get you started, get you thinking about strategy, about cost benefit analysis, and about what is next. We can provide guidance that helps establish a brand, a presence, a repeat clientele, and a future of increased awareness and sales in the global marketplace. Our Founder, Mr. Nelson has achieved Director Status with YouTube. This can be a valuable asset to expanded access of the internet for you.

It’s a new world of opportunity with more and more businesses operating in the cloud?. Smart phones, net books, and IPADs are changing the world as we watch. The reliance of businesses on the office computer is diminishing. Today, startup companies can have a global presence with many improved efficiencies and newly developing opportunities. The small company is an increasingly empowered force in the marketplace. Of course, the path is not easy or accessed overnight. It’s a new world where a small specialty company can become famous all over world and generate substantial sales from foreign customers who have never been to the United States. One of our clients, Nelson Racing Engines, employs no print advertising, yet it has created its global presence through the extensive use of the free worldwide internet. It has become a famous Brand known all over the world.

Perhaps your Company’s needs are very basic. We can help. If you have a video file and you need it edited, titled, transcoded, and uploaded, we can do that as well. If you are a Corporate CEO and need to communicate corporate strategy to your sales force, we can help. If your Corporation needs training videos for your employees, we can help.

It’s a very complicated world, the internet. Where do you start? What do you need? What are your short and long term goals? What sites can help you achieve your goals? What about internet formats? Do you care if your productions are stolen or uploaded by others? What about copyright? What is encoding? What about download times or speed of streaming? What about file formats? How do you promote your product? And so on. Every company or individual can use some additional help and expertise. We have that valuable expertise.

We take pride in our creative talents, but everyone sometimes needs a quick and easy job economically and efficiently processed on a tight schedule. Whatever your needs are, call us.