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Who is Audience

Who is your audience?  How do you reach them?  What is your message?  These are questions that have to be addressed before an effective internet or intranet strategy can be implemented. If you are corporate executive and wish to communicate an important intranet message to a part of your corporation, the questions may be more quickly answered.  Communicating with a specific internet audience may be much more problematic.  Some analysis is likely required before the means, methods, and message can be effectively chosen.  Perhaps these questions and answers are already resolved or obvious. Then the process can be implemented quickly.  Of course there are still the technically detailed questions for implementation of the distribution that must be understood by appropriate parties.

Who is your audience?  Nearly always, the answer is not everyone.  Specific audiences have their classifications, associations, groups, meeting places, publications, and so on.  Defining these groups will help transmitting your message effectively and efficiently to likeminded individuals or groups.

How do you reach them?  Veritas Movie Studio(VMS) does not implement print campaigns, radio or TV advertisements, direct mail or other traditional media.  VMS expertise is in the New Media of the Internet and the Intranet.  This is a complex world of obscure standards and definitions that may be difficult to navigate.  We can help.

What is your message(s) or goals?  This is something that you may be best able to define.  VMS may also work with you to best define the message and goals through free thought exchanges.  Of course this can be time consuming.  Is low a cost strategy important?  How about product shipping, availability, quality, prestige, entertainment, branding, timelessness, education, and so on.

These are just a few of the necessary questions that are best answered by the client.  Of course, we can assist you and perhaps push you in the right direction.  Perhaps you know exactly what you need and want and are ready to direct us to create your vision.  Great!