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You know what your production aspires to be. You defined the concept. You created story boards for the director. You have shot your video. Now is the time to compile your assets and transfer them to your video Veritas Movie Studio to create your Mini Masterpiece. You gathered together you logo, rough video, some thoughts about stills, and perhaps some music. Will your vision live? Now is the time we see our Video Editor.


Decisions must be made what video is important, essential, desirable, possible, fluff, expendable, funny, mysterious, and so on. What about titles, credits, effects, links, web site ads, promotions, etc. What are there time constraints or targets? Is specific music required such as branding music? Is this music so important that the video must follow the music? If the style of the video is rapid movement, rapid cuts, and quick sweeps, a problem of encoding for the limited bandwidth internet will have to be addressed. Is the production aimed at a specific age group; if so what music is appropriate? Will you need to license the music or commission custom composition? Can you use stock music? Will you use music at all? A visual hook is often effective at the beginning of a short video in retaining viewers for the whole show. You should usually plan to quickly show something interesting or perhaps mysterious early in the video.


Most people are not aware just how important music is to a video production. They are not aware how much time is consumed in the choice of the music that is just right for the production. It is common that the selection and integration of the music and sounds can consume 30 % of the editing budget. If a client wishes to completely oversee the project, final edits can be delayed substantially and costs will rise. Copyrighted music is generally not available for any commercial work or use on the internet. Stock music generally requires editing, limiting, compression, encoding its format, mixing and testing for desired effect. If the music is supreme in a sequence, the video must be edited to follow the music(e.g. beat). So there is a delicate dance in the editing suite of music and video to create a harmonious end result.


Your Masterpiece is finished but it will be of no use if it can’t be distributed to DVD, Blue Ray, intranet, or the Internet. Veritas Movie Studio typically produces its films in High Definition Video. If it is to be distributed only to the internet, it must be transcoded to the appropriate format required by that site. That transcoding may require substantial computer time as each frame of the field has to be processed one pixel at a time. The transcoding process is a mine field of obscure technical standards and a bit of art. Experience here is a must for the best results. Normally, the website will re-encode the video into its own proprietary format to conserve bandwidth costs and to more often than not to restrict its further viewing from unauthorized sites or devices. It may be encoded into a format that is difficult to redistribute or modify. The Nelson Racing Engines site represents a unique approach to the encoding of its video on its site. Most video on the internet is encoded in the propriety FLV format. It is not played by most media players. It is designed to limit its use to the web site it is installed at. It is not easily copied to one’s IPHONE for example. We helped NRE make the decision early on to encode its videos to a format that can easily be copied and loaded to every portable device, computer, or internet site. NRE encouraged viewers to download the NRE videos from to their mobile phones, play stations, PSP, Xbox, Ipods, and other portable devices. The viewers were encouraged to use the video personally and more importantly, to upload these videos to their favorite sites. They were only asked to mention the source of the video. As a result, many NRE fans uploaded the NRE video to Facebook, Streetfire, YouTube, Spike, and many more sites throughout the World. NRE’s earliest Viral videos were a result of their fans spreading the videos throughout the internet. You will notice that VMS has allowed YouTube viewers to use the Creative Commons Attribution License. This nonproprietary approach has led to countless additional sales of NRE products. This has proven in NRE’s case to be a wise decision.

The ranking by Google of your home site is crucial. You want to get the most traffic you can get. Ranking is one measure how many eyeballs are visiting your home site. One key factor to that rank is the number of links connecting to your site. These links help Google measure the importance of the site to the world. A slew of videos, even if only on YouTube, will bring in a substantial number of links. This will boost your importance to Google. These videos will also be found in Google searches. This content can be used to own a brand name and make it easier for customers to find you. If Google can’t easily find your or your products you are leaving money on the table. Discuss these important concepts with us.

Today, the internet can be viewed on many newer HD television sets. VMS made the decision to begin uploading 1080P videos to YouTube. Viewers can now view full 1080P NRE videos on their big screen television sets. Some of NRE videos qualify as legitimate half hour television programs. It’s a New World for small companies wishing to sell to the whole world. It’s an exciting new world for small companies. Let Veritas Movie Studio set you on the right path.