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Does your Company reach its audience(s) via traditional media(direct mail, magazines, newspapers, television) or perhaps through the new media intranet, internet, or perhaps through direct smart phone communications? There are opportunities today in all these media. Contrary to popular view, news papers and television are not dead. All media has its important uses and value. Significantly, there are a great number of valuable venues on the internet that you should investigate. Use the internet to help your search and achieve your New Media goals. This task can be daunting. It’s difficult for a small company to investigate all this new information and still get its daily work done.

Veritas Movie Studio can help you set up your new media campaign through our video productions for the internet, intranet, trade shows, company education and training. We can put in your hands High Definition video that television studios can use to supplement their assets for television coverage of your goods or services. We can post to our sites HD video that the television studio can download and edit for their use. We have provided HD footage that a number of broadcast and cable networks have used for supplementary and B roll video. Their production can be measurably improved by this type of cooperation and consultation. You’re previously paid for asset can be used again for further enhancement of your sales.

DVD and Blue Ray discs can be made from your internet videos. Simply add chapters to the video, auto start, as well as auto loop and you have a great tool to drive a large screen at your next trade show. Make an impressive introduction to editors of magazines and television shows with you DVD. These DVD discs can be played on any computer. Most people will not ignore a DVD disk you send to them. It is much easier to delete an EMAIL, especially if it has potentially a viral risk through attachments. Send a DVD along with your news release and get much better coverage of your new products. Editors will be entertained as well as informed. It’s good business. Let VMS help you in a hundred such insider methods.