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How will you market your product or service?

So you want to bring your product or service to the market place.  How do you do that?  What will your message be?  Whatever your plans may be, it is likely that those plans include the internet.  If you intend to supplement your program with internet or intranet video, we can assist your company.  Do you expect to use the new social media?  These avenues offer new and powerful methods of bringing people together with like interests into one arena. These new medias offer new and somewhat different opportunities that you may wish to exploit.  Do you have a message you wish to convey?  Can that message be understood and recalled in an appropriate time frame?

How do people find your Product, Service or Brand on the Internet?

Nearly every day much of the adult population searches for goods and services using the Internet.  These people have come to expect the search to quickly find what they are seeking.  If you do not have a significant internet search presence, you are losing revenue that should be yours.  Google is the preeminent search engine the World over.  Google owns YouTube.  Google gives prominent ranking to YouTube results.  As an example, search “Honest George” and see what you get.  Before VERITAS’s implemented internet efforts on behalf of NRE, George Washington was the number one result.  Google thinks these video are noteworthy.  The first Google page(sometimes many more) is likely to be entirely related to the these product advertising videos.  Check out searches for racing engines, NRE, 1000 HP corvette, and many more.  You may be surprised.

Push Your Web awareness up and Your Competition’s Down!

When you search for your Company or product on Google, how do you show up in the search?  It’s likely that whatever the ranking, you would like it to nearer to the top of the first page search. Google gives substantial weight to YouTube videos.  By spreading your videos to YouTube and other sites, your content can be more timely(higher rating), more important(Google owned), more visible(all over the internet) and thus higher rated on its quantified results search.  The number of views for a video is not as important to Google as how the videos can be seen given importance through its ranking mathematics.    It’s true and very valuable.  This is important and a key to understanding how to make your Company a player in the international internet marketplace.  The goal may not necessarily be for people to watch your video in large numbers, but rather to lead those people to your web site and your products through internet searches.  This could be extremely valuable to you.  If you decide to hire us, we will show how to work toward this goal.  We will show you how we have done it.

Pump up sales?

It’s likely you wish to increase your sales or perhaps introduce a new product. Product advertisements, promotions, news releases, and introductions can often be conveyed most effectively through motion video incorporating music, branding, features and benefits, and perhaps demonstrations.  The viewer’s memory will be written through the senses of sight and sound, a desire to understand the changing video and further stimulated through inductive reasoning.  The internet has enormous promise to get you name and brand out to a worldwide audience if you execute your strategy properly and effectively.  While print advertising revenue is steadily declining, Internet advertising is reaching new highs year after year.  The world’s eyes are turning away from broadcast TV and toward computers and smart phones.  Anyone that ignores the importance of the internet will surely be punished.


Branding can be powerful, effective, and essentially free.  Branding can be an end in itself.  It can be a chip that can be redeemed in the future.  A non commercial concept or product can become commercial at a later date.  For example, a free product (i.e. software) that has gained trust and a following can be later upgraded and sold effectively.  How is a Brand implemented in a strategy?  A Brand can be an image, a video, a sound, even a color.  Brand awareness can lead to repeat purchases that may not have been possible without the Brand concept.  A consumer may not remember the name of the shampoo she uses, but she can identify the product on the shelf by its unusual color.  Branding can seek to associate a group or company with qualities such as reliability, trustworthiness, exclusiveness, fame, high quality and so on.  You may wish to begin establishing your brand and associate its desired property with your vision.  Effective video is a tried and true means to this end.

Veritas Movie Studio has been engaged in the product marketing and brand promotion for Nelson Racing Engines Inc.  Veritas Movie Studio produced a number of branded videos for NRE.   These Internet video productions have been designed and made for distribution throughout the World Wide Web as well trade shows, press releases, television and media requests.  These productions can be easily found through NRE internet searches and show results in the many thousands.  As a result, Nelson Racing Engines is now the number one result in “Racing Engine” searches.  The search result has moved NRE from number five to number 1.  The domestic internet rank rating of has improved by more than 300 %.   When Google showed 10 suggestions for the search “Nelson”, Nelson Racing Engines was shown with other famous internet Nelsons such as Nelson Mandella.  Google search “Honest George” and you will no longer find George Washington, you will find a NRE video!  Search “Extreme Horsepower” and you will find NRE videos as number one!  Try “Mirror Image Turbo”, “RX7”, “1000 HP Corvette”, “572 CI”, “Small Block Nelson”,  “Alien Intake”, and so on.  There are many more such brand related titles and tags that Veritas Movie Studio has carefully created and doggedly promoted.  It’s simply amazing what hard work and effective marketing can do.  The list of successful branding tags of NRE goes on and on.  This is the power of an effective strategy of marketing, branding and quality video production..  A search of Veritas Movie Studio does not do to badly either.  A success by any standard.