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What is a Movie or Video concept?  The concept can be as simple as the benefits of a product or service.  A concept for a 30 second commercial(see our funny commercials page) could be, for example, a young couple on road trip vacation share a bit of adventure because the husband lost his glasses.  The patient wife helps her husband find the glasses in a funny, loving, compelling and fun 30 second commercial.  The concept is a plan that can be the foundation for the story telling.   The concept may be based on just about anything.  Human interaction can be driven by self-interest, a competitive relationship, family, loyalty, betrayal, truth, love and so on.  Perhaps your video production is as simple as a describing a product.  These sorts of creative ideas can be sometimes difficult, expensive, and very time consuming to formulate.  It may be necessary to conduct a number of brain storming sessions to reach a concept that most of the management will support.  A well planned production concept will increase the likelihood of the production’s success.

Our Internet Expertise is Substantial.

So you want to get your message out to the public or within you’re Corporation.  How do you achieve your goals efficiently?  Does your video have a unique look, title, color, branding, plot, or simply an effective thumbnail or icon?  The thumbnail can bring prior viewers that have previously liked your video and will recognize you branding.  It’s a form of repeat business.  Think in terms of carrying through certain branding ideas that a viewer will begin to recognize after viewing a number of your videos.  You may wish to incorporate a single concept throughout all your media.  For example, quality first, exclusivity, low cost, quick and easy, or perhaps cool(apple).   Is the concept funny?   A brand concept would be in all the videos.  Humor is a great way to rapidly get the word out about your idea or product.  Humor, however, is very tricky and dangerous to implement and is best tested first.

It is fascinating how the concept for many 30 second commercials can be effective in pitching their product while carefully woven in with our human aspiration for love, as one example.  See several links on the Favorite Commercials link.  The Subaru commercial is one outstanding example that weaves patience, love, understanding, as well as car selling into a tightly edited 30 second car commercial.  Even 15 second commercials can tell an effective sales messaged story.

Perhaps you may wish to create a Viral Video(s) and get a lot of buzz, or create brand awareness. A Viral Video can be wonderful for greatly increasing a product’s sales, awareness, and the channel’s subscriber base.  Creating a Viral Video is of course very difficult to pull off.  See the three NRE Viral Videos VMS has created in the Viral Video tab.  Viral Videos are most often humorous.  Your attempt to create a Viral Video is most likely to fail.  What becomes a Viral Video is often puzzling.  Some music channels of YouTube have enormous numbers of subscribers that can yield millions of views on all the videos uploaded.

Important Social Interaction

Of course we know the importance of social interaction for such sites as Facebook.  The important social interaction of sites such as YouTube is often unnoticed.  Many YouTube users love to comment about videos, show a like or dislike, or discuss their views with other viewers.  They can link to the video, share it, make play lists and favorite it.  YouTube search categories gather together people of like interest.  Knowing how to categorize a video can be crucial.

What is a TASTE MAKER? A taste maker is a site that has a large following, perhaps hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers.  If you can get your video mentioned by these powerful sites or individuals you are likely to do big numbers quickly.   Blog sites and forums can also be very influential in bringing tens of thousands viewers to your channel.

The importance of the video title, video category, and tagging the video properly cannot be underestimated.  Let’s have a discussion how to properly exploit this avenue correctly. Furthermore, buying viewers through a third party can work, but such practices are often frowned on by such sites as YouTube.  YouTube may decide to ban you from their site.

What constitutes a viral video?  The consensus today is any video with views of more than one or two million is a candidate for that classification.  Under that definition, there are a number of companies that have successfully created a string of virals.  You are likely to find that these companies have been at it for years. These companies have attracted a loyal following because of their consistent video entertainment product.  Veritas has created a number of viral videos for Nelson Racing Engines.  See our Viral Video tab.  In the 2000 HP Pontiac video, views exceed 6 million across the web.  The RX7 video exceeds more than 4 million.  A number of NRE videos exceed one million views.  In fact, VMS videos developed for NRE created views across the internet that exceeds 15 million.  Not Bad.  What a great accomplishment for brand awareness as well as a dramatic increase in sales in a limited interest marketplace.