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Various ideas and project concepts have been wrung out.  You are now ready for the next step. You now must now create a budget and schedule. Perhaps you started with the budget and the schedule; that’s can work as well.  An effective media production does not have to be expensive.  The production can be very effective even on a small budget.  A simple production can be a customer supplying video to VMS for editing, transcoding, and uploading.  You may need to work with a company such as Veritas Movie Studio to help define a realistic budget and schedule.

Have you decided where these productions are to be made available?  If the production is to be seen on a company Intranet, the uploading of the media as well as the format of the media is likely to be relatively simple in this case.  Your Company IT manager can specify the desired media format and will himself load such media to the Company Intranet Servers.  If the media is to be uploaded to the Internet, then to what web sites will the media be loaded?  The implementation of this goal can become very technical and difficult to someone who has never done it before.  You may need our expertise in defining and implementing a wide range of technical questions that must be correctly answered for you to succeed. VMS can work on a consultation only basis.

The Internet is a jumble of constantly changing standards and media formats.  A number of companies are unfortunately trying to make their formats proprietary and dominant.  Experience here is mandatory.  Veritas Movie Studio shoots all video in widely used High Definition formats.  These formats can be easily used on both Mac and PC computers.  The video production is then transcoded to the format that is appropriate for its final use.  The formats required by various hosting video sites is likely be different from one to another.  The High Definition project material can be used for secondary usages such as Professional Convention Video walls, Broadcast Television, DVD or Blue Ray Video mailings, print publications and so on.

It’s a jungle out there!  To which web sites do you want to upload your media?  That is quite a question in itself.  Is it YouTube, Strteetfire, Face Book, Spike, Motorator, Dailymotion, StudioDaily, Vimeo, Metacafe, Mega Video, and on and on.  This takes some expertise in itself.  Then of course there are the questions about each site. What is the maximum upload length?  What is the acceptable upload format?  Is the desired format mov, mp4, mpg, flv, mpv, avi, wmv, mp3, wma, or yet another obscure standard.  The video may need to be transcoded into different formats for different web sites.  The computer time to transcode to the appropriate format can run into hours for a long video.  It is likely to be a time consuming task.  We can successfully help you answer these technical questions and reach your desired audience.

Video shooting, editing, music integration, finding a location and a permit, hiring talent, music licensing, brand integration, approval process are just a few items that can consume a budget and schedule.