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Your masterpiece is in the ether. Has it accomplished what you imagined? How do you judge the results? If you video is a corporate training or sales video, your goals are perhaps easy to measure. A wedding reception video may only have to put smiles on the faces of the wedding couple. If your video is on the internet, then a number of quantitative measures are available to you. YouTube provides an amazing array of measures that subscribers can analyze. First is the number of views. Dig down further and there are measures of the countries that viewed, male or female, comments, awards earned by the video, what sites linked in, how much of the video was viewed, and many more useful measures. The social media sites can produce a buzz quickly that can be very rewarding. These sites can create a brand awareness and traffic to your home site through sometimes puzzling interconnecting interests and relationships. These connections are often unanticipated. Analysis is necessary in fine tuning a campaign, adjusting the video titles, selecting important tags, associating the video with multimillion “Best Sellers”, and so on.

DVD or Blue Ray distributions are usually far smaller in number and their success can be easier to measure. These sorts of distributions may be exploited to further product awareness of distributors, retailers, executives, TV media outlets, news release conduits, and the print media. Keeping your Company(brand) growing quarter after quarter is just what the stock market looks for. The stock market rewards growth.

How can you use the analysis to get potential customers to visit YouTube or your Web Site? Should you put in links to your site in the video? Promotions? Prizes? Riddles? A mystery? Treasure hunts? Print advertising can be used to direct traffic to your site. See what others in your field are doing. Perhaps you may wish to give away free content that visitors can use on their mobile devices, computers, televisions, IPAD’s, X Box, etc. We helped Nelson Racing Engines build a repeat visitor loyalty through this important means. This content can then be redistributed to build the fame of the Brand and the Owner.

You have a number of professional web site analyzing tools from companies such as Google. You can analyze the traffic to you site after your campaign has been implemented. These types of tools have become indispensible for web sites that are looking for increased growth and sales. There are countless measures that can be helpful. Yet, it’s still a long slog. It’s a never ending campaign. Let’s not forget, however, that an internet centric campaign can be far less costly than implementing traditional media. NRE has used only new media tools to increase their market share. The rewards for your brand can be substantial. It may be a commitment that you wish to make. In the end, it’s all about your dreams, goals and aspirations.