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Viral Videos


2000 HP Pontiac Street Test:

This was NRE’s first Viral Video. We took a different approach to Our Idea of Media ownership from the beginning. Nearly all of the internet content creators were using the proprietary video FLV format. We used the easily copied WMV format so that fans could download NRE videos from the NRE site. These fans then could spread the videos over their hosting sites as well as enjoy them on their PSP, IPhones, IPods, IPADs, computers, etc. Within several weeks, Tom Nelson began to hear his video being played at parts distributors all over the city. You will find this video posted on sites all over the world. It is short, a helpful characteristic for most Viral Videos.

1000 HP Corvette Stingray Street Test:

While this video does not include particularly exciting test drive footage, it does include an exceptional Corvette build. It did have the good fortune to be about a car that has great interest on YouTube. It quickly appeared in corvette searches and rose quickly in popularity. It has much growth yet to deliver. This video and the RX7 video are long by Viral standards, yet their content proved to be compelling.

1650 HP RX7 Street Test:

I still get a big kick from this video. Of course the car is great and very unusual, but the car owner is an inspiration, and a funny one too. Tom Nelson had the good sense to interview the owner. He wants to take the car to the post office and to church, lol. “Honest George” is an example what older folks can do and inspire. He quickly owned the very old moniker of “Honest George” on Google.