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Veritas Movie Studio has hundreds of videos all over the world on various sites such as YouTube,, Streetfire, Motorator, Spike TV, Meta Café,, Mega Video, ESPN, Discovery Channel, DailyMotion, Film Fest, Vimeo, Mega Video, Hulu, and more.  Here on this page we have links to a few of Veritas Movie Studio’s Productions.  Most of these productions are mostly shot by the clients with inexpensive HD cameras.  Some of the slider shots, complicated on location shots, dolly shots and pro Photo Shots were shot by Veritas in Studio or on location.  Most of these videos have a substantial content of selling and Branding.   Videos like these can make all the difference in pushing a company toward substantial multimillion dollar sales.  Some of these stories are full half hour programs.  We hope you enjoy!


Nelson Super Cars 5TH Gen Camaro Street Test

This video was a lot of fun to put together. The craziness of this beast is amazing. Its a new record for my You Tube Director status to upload a exciting sales video of nearly 30 minutes.

Shelby Code Red

Street Tests, includes many action sequences including a rain sequence. Great branding piece.

CAD designed HEMI

Immense technical achievement and substantial sales pitch. Outstanding Branding.

Fabulous 2000 HP Camaro

Coming attraction. LOL.

2000 HP Camaro street test

Must watch

241 MPH Record at Bonneville

This is a video with a courageous story. It\'s a very long video that tends to limit its audience. However this story needed to be told.

NRE Extreme Horsepower Symphony

NRE has its own awesome story to tell. This video tells the story of recent major engines built by NRE. Good branding piece.

The Dyno Destroyer! The engines NRE builds destroy dynos!

This Corvette is fabulous and well received. This is one of Veritas\'s Videos.

The Desert Racer

Includes some slow mo and amazing footage.

Naturally Aspirated 632 BBC

Alpha 2 makes a return appearance in this video. This gives a bit of humor and a tour of some of the shops while not giving away too much. Mystery remains.

1870 HP Chevelle

Street Test. Great Sales video that will be certain bring in business.

NRE 2200 HP

Engine creates Black Hole! Amazing engine and a bit of humor.

Fabulous Factory 5

Mid Engine car hits the SEMA Show. Beautiful.

Rare Lamborghini

comes to NRE for more HP. Tom Nelson goes for a ride.

Tom Nelson wins a major award at SEMA.

Great branding story.

A NRE Customer

send in a impressive video. We add a little commercial to the end.

Going to a trade show?

Invite your customers, distributors to see your new products.

Important Patented Award Winning

Mirror Image Turbos Advertisement Video.

Extreme HP Engines of NRE

This is essentially a ad about many of NRE\'s fabulous engine creations. We often use old footage again to further sales and distribution and branding. Essentially Awesome body of work!

To sell the Shelby Code Red engine we used old and new footage to further explain this great engine.

1750 HP Small Block Excellence

Another Extreme Horsepower example from Tom Nelson.

NRE cars

I compiled this 18 minute movie from some of the NRE cars. Some very funny. We keep all captured footage and use it again and again.

NRE\'s fabulous Shelby Code Red

This video sells NRE\'s fabulous Shelby Code Red engine built by Tom. Mostly engine talk but judiciously adds street footage to continue the excitement and viewer interest. Keep the viewers spreading the good word!

Tom\'s great products

Hey, you got to get the great shots when they are available. Some of this video was shot in the studio. Lots of selling for Tom\'s great products. Music integration is always very important.

260 MPH run

This is customer supplied video of his 260 MPH run. Music integration helps this clip significantly.

Amazing Technology!

NRE\'s Customers can\'t wait to get their hands on this beast. Video can be used to create pre-paid orders.

Works at NRE

Customers want to know what\'s in the works at NRE. This video was a response to many viewers requests.

Potential buyers to be aware

So you have a new product and you would like buyers and potential buyers to be aware of the product and how it is unique and beneficial. Veritas initiated and produced this video.

Tom wanted to get the word out

This video has led to numerous magazine articles and press coverage for this pontiac and the famous car owner, Travcis LaBoy.

Veritas thought NRE

NRE TV brand by adding NRE TV University branded instructional videos. You can find a few on the channel.

Tom Interviews the Keating Brothers

These brothers were hilarious to be around. A great story of vision and courage. Veritas loves a great story!

NRE\'s most famous viral video

This includes new footage as well as an owner endorsement.

Tom has built cars and engines for many famous people

Some did not want their names used in videos. Here, take a ride in Tim Allen\'s trick truck.

Tom received much notoriaty

Boyd Coddington\'s American Hot Hod show. This was broadcasted on the Discouvery Channel.

Tom has made important friendships

World\'s automotive publishing companies. Veritas informs the World press. Here Hot Rod uses this trip to do important front page articles.

Compilation video

Veritas likes to upload new media about every two weeks to the NRE channel on Friday mornings. Fans look foward to this. Compilations can fill this need.

Amazing beast

Tom is always game for something funny and something different.

This is a crazy fast sports car.

Of course Tom thought he needed to test it. Why not Las Vegas for a magazine Forbes Magazine shoot. Of Course! Hey, add some Nascar cars. Throw in a SEMA show. Great Branding.

F Bomb Camaro

The \"F Bomb Camaro\" was NRE\'s car also featured by the Discovery Channel and many magazines. Great for FAME. Veritas went to the Premier!