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Have a Laugh

Fiat Comm

This Fiat commercial is hilarious. Great concept. Great special effects. Famous endorsement. Charlie is lovable. All Pro all the way.

The Hopper Commercial

This commercial is one of my favorites. Any family can find common experience with this family. The story is created with Boston accents and red hair ladies. It obvious that it is meant to be a Boston Irish Family. The important goal is to remember the branded Hopper. Who can forget?

The Priceline Commercial

Brilliant. Its funny in its magnified pretentious nature. I dont think Shatner can run that fast.

John Cleese Com

This commercial is very entertaining and quite innovative. If you watch it once and dont get its meaning, you are likely to be interested in watching it again. Its really very funny, one question at a time. Its very funny to character the lives of the rich.

State Farm

State Farm effective 30 second ad. Very funny. Key information effectively conveyed. Outstanding special effects.

Fiat USA Commercial

This Fiat commercial is one of my favorite commercials. It speaks to all men. So well done. Very sexy. Very well received.

Six Flags

Six Flags Classic. This just may be my favorite commercial of all time. Its such a great concept and execution and so so funny. It definitely puts a wide smile on your face.

Subaru Love commercial

Love sells everything. So much in 30 seconds. Don\'t we all wish our spouses were so patient and understanding.

Got Milk

Got Milk, Board of the unnecessary. Wow is this one to study. What a big budget 30 seconds. Pro in every respect.

Cartier Commercial

A 3 min movie. High end animation. High end music composition. A wonderful display of extravagance.

Bridgestone Beaver commercial

Very funny and engaging. Pro.

Foot Locker Shoes

Who would of thought. Big and funny production.

The Car Max commercial

Car Max Car Jacked. Very funny. Gets point across using nostalga. All done in 30 seconds. Note at all the points of interest crammed in to this 30 second commercial.

Fiat USA

Dollar Shave. Every commercial need not be expensive to be effective and efficient. This fun, clever low cost internet video is great.

Charlie Sheen Commercial

Charlie Sheen, cable ad, unhappy