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The Founder of Veritas Movie Studio is Jack Nelson.  Mr. Nelson earned his Bachelor of Science in the field of Electronics Engineering.  He further pursued his Masters of Science in the field of Microwave Engineering and Computer Technology.  His MS Thesis was: “Hand held and small scale Microcomputer Games.”   The thesis topic later became the basis for Mr. Nelson co-founding Computer Kinetics Corp.  Computer Kinetics(CKC) manufactured the first small counter top microcomputer coin operated games for the bar and restaurant industry.  These machines were revolutionary in their market segment and generated multimillion dollar revenue worldwide.

Mr. Nelson held positions at CKC as Director of Product development, and Vice President of Marketing and Sales.  He produced and directed a number of small commercials and DVD’s for the CKC product line.  He hired photographers, art directors, camera operators, professional models, make up personnel, actors and other Talent for game advertising, commercials, trade shows, and sales promotions.    When the workload of the CKC staff was excessively burdened, Mr. Nelson sometimes contributed to game video content creation and 3D(Lightwave, etc.) animations as were needed.

Later, Mr. Nelson went on to found Nelson Technology Corp.  Nelson Technology continued to design unique commercial games for the worldwide coin operated game industry.  With an emphasis on physically small designs, games were developed that could easily be supported in one hand and placed upon bar serving areas.  These new machines were sold at a much lower cost than conventional coin operated game units.  The pricing opened up new marketing opportunities for these new games.  Once again, thousands of these game machines were sold worldwide generating multimillion dollar sales.

Mr. Nelson has also been involved with substantial real estate development and leasing activities.

Substantial Success

Recently, Mr. Nelson has been engaged in the product marketing and brand promotion for Nelson Racing Engines Inc.  Veritas Movie Studio produced a number of branded video productions aimed directly at increasing sales.  These Internet video productions have been designed and made for distribution throughout the World Wide Web as well trade shows, press releases, broadcast television and media requests for both print and Video.  These productions can be easily found through NRE internet searches on every search engine and show results of many thousands.  As a result, Nelson Racing Engines is now the number one result in Google “Racing Engine” searches.  The search result has moved NRE from number five to number 1.  The domestic internet rank rating of has improved by more than 300 percent.   When Google showed 10 suggestions for the search “Nelson”, Nelson Racing Engines was shown with other famous internet Nelsons such as Nelson Mandella. Google search “Honest George” and you will no longer find George Washington as number one. You will find NRE videos listed as number one and number two.  The rest of the page is mostly NRE videos!  Search “Extreme Horsepower” and you will find NRE videos as number one!  Try “Mirror Image Turbo”, “RX7”, “1000 HP Corvette”, “572 CI”, “Small Block Nelson”,  “Alien Intake”, and so on.  These extremely valuable internet rankings are a direct result of Veritas Movie Studio Productions.  There are many more such brand related titles and tags that VMS has carefully created and doggedly promoted.  It’s simply amazing what hard work, proven strategies, and effective marketing can do.  The list of successful branding tags of NRE goes on and on.  This is the power of an effective strategy of branding, distribution and quality video production.  A search of Veritas Movie Studio does not do to badly either.  Success by any standard.